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3rd Generation Family-Owned Farm

The Bakewell family have been at Charlton Farm since 1937. Debbie and James Bakewell are third generation and have been farming there since June 1998. 

Charlton Farm is a traditional mixed arable farm on which cereals and vegetables are grown. In 1992 we started rearing Barbary Ducklings as speciality table birds for Christmas.



The Barbary Duck (also known as Muscovy Duck) is a slower growing duck which has a larger quantity of leaner, darker, gamier tasting meat than other commercial breeds of duck. 

Barbary Duckling originate from South America, where they would habitually roost in trees. We grow coloured birds, and they develop the distinctive red caruncles as they mature.

Barbary duck is a truly versatile and delicious type of duck, renowned for its excellent quantity of flavourful meat. It makes an ideal starting point for many delicious recipes.

We sell direct to restaurateurs and to the public through butchers, farm shops, farmers' markets, food festivals and also by mail order to customers throughout the UK.

The birds are fed on a natural, cereal based additive-free diet and are all grown and processed on our own farm.

We are a small family business and are able to offer an individual service to our customers.

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